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Extracts of Livres d'or, verbal lawsuits of reception...

  • in MULHEIM a.d. Ruhr (Germany) Markuskirche
  • in MULHEIM a.d. Ruhr (Germany) Pfarrkirche St Michaël
  • in LOMME (France) Church Notre-Dame de Lourdes
  • in DIJON (France) Temple Réformé
Gunther Hoffman,
"An example of the concept of a stylised organ. The consequence is a pleasure to play and a wealth of resonance..."

L’Orgue Francophone
No. 22/23 Dec. 1997
Organs in Bourgogne; Michèle Reverdy, Messe pour les Blancs Manteaux; organist Christophe Henry - CD recorded at Dijon
In this disc, "... the choice of the organ is totally adequate, demonstrating one more time that an instrument characterized, even inspired, by the past is always the most advisable to serve the music of today."

Jean Boyer, Lille
"In this organ (Lomme) there are stops of great beauty and an admirable perfection of resonance (the Cromorne in particular)... I congratulate you again for this beautiful instrument which one senses, before anything else, is the fruit of a serious and reflective labour."

Expert Evaluation Report
Werner Schepp
"The new organ of Mulheim St. Michael stands above the rest in several aspects; the work of craftsmanship revealing a love for detail, faultless planning and accomplishment, and above all, a voicing of great artistic sensitivity. The Muhleisen Manufacture has achieved a work of art and an instrument of music in all the nobility of the term..."

David Christie,
West Newton,
"Thank you for this fantastic instrument (Lomme). It was a great pleasure to listen to... particularly the reed pipes..."

Ewald Kooiman,
"This instrument (Mulheim Markus) is sensitive, full of character and gravity. That is why it is completely adapted to French literature yet equally to a large portion of the repertory for the organ."