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New organs 28-10-2013
MONTMEDY F-55600  

Construction of a new organ (II/29) french classic style, in a case from the beginning of XVIIIth century, protected as "historical monument".

1716 pipes

Organ was dedicated oct. 27th 2013.
Olivier Vernet played the dedication concert.

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New organs 26-12-2012

The unfinished organ installed by Yves Cabourdin between 2003 and 2006, in an architectural style from the first halft of the XIXth french century, with rounded towers.


The completion achieved by our workshop, has been carried out with old elements, collected and given by the "Association des Amis de l'orgue de Pierrefeu-du-Var", leaded by President Pierre Aumeran, and supported by the town council of Pierrefeu (Mayor Robert Giraud and Patrick Martinelli)



The organ was dedicated at 19th april 2009

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Restorations 09-12-2012

Restoration and modification of the organ of the Basilique Notre Dame de Thierenbach.

The present restoration created a chair-organ (Rückpositiv) in the balcony, and rebuilt the console desk.

The foundation voices (Principals, Diapason) and the mixtures of the Great and Positif have been rebuilt and voiced at new.

Reed stops : three stops have been  modified.

The dedication has been celebrated the 9th Dec. 2012.

Picture of the organ, with Thierry Mechler and Patrick Armand

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Restorations 18-03-2012

Restoration of the organ Patroclus Möller in Marienmünster  (1736/38)

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Restorations 20-07-2009

Basilique Saint-Denys

Grand Orgue from Louis Suret (1867), modified by Danion-Gonzalez in 1971-73. Some older pieces remain from the XVIIth und XVIIIth century.

The instrument has III manuals 56 notes /Pedal 32 notes /43 stops.

Roland Galtier, governmental expert for organbuilding, supervises the works. He has defined the program of the works : Overhauling of the organcase, rebuilding of the key action. The electrical stop solenoids and motors will be renewed; a modern setter capture system will be installed.

The works has been finished in July 2009

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