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New organs 26-12-2012

The unfinished organ installed by Yves Cabourdin between 2003 and 2006, in an architectural style from the first halft of the XIXth french century, with rounded towers.


The completion achieved by our workshop, has been carried out with old elements, collected and given by the "Association des Amis de l'orgue de Pierrefeu-du-Var", leaded by President Pierre Aumeran, and supported by the town council of Pierrefeu (Mayor Robert Giraud and Patrick Martinelli)



The organ was dedicated at 19th april 2009

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New organs 20-01-2009

New organ rebuilt with existent technical and historical material
IV/P/67 stops
electric action
case modified by Renaud-Menoret in 2000, slightly relooked 2007.


Works have been conducted by Patrick Armand
electronic action from Diese Info, Joel Petrique
organ consulting Michel Colin
Voicing by Jean-Christophe Debely and Philippe Zussy.
Reception of the organ 20.1.2009.
The organ will be dedicated the 21 + 22nd nov 2009 by Philippe Lefebvre, organist from Notre Dame de Paris.


important concerts are announced on this site, see link on that page and announcements.

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New organs 15-01-2008
FORCHHEIM (D-92342)  

New organ II/P/12 stops,
in an old case

The organ was received from the organist (cathedral Eichstätt), Martin Bernreuther.

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New organs 18-05-2006

"Conservatoire National de Région de Strasbourg" - III/26

design : Henri GAUDIN - Paris,
dedicated 19 may, 2006

Detailled pictures:
photo_1 - photo_2 - photo_3 - photo_4 - photo_5 - photo_6 - photo_7 - photo_8 - photo_9 - photo_10 - photo_11 (Photos David Bleuset)


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New organs 10-12-2005
Cappenberg Schloss - Selm-Cappenberg (D-59379)  

II/P 12 stops, mecanical action
modern Case design in collaboration with the artist Alexander Jokisch
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