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Restorations 21-09-1941
Liste de Restaurations 1941-2015  

List of the restaurations and renovations from 1941-2015. Smaller works are not mentioned.
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Restorations 17-02-2016
Ammerschwihr - Saint Martin (F 68770)  

Restoration Rinckenbach Organ 1912, in an historic case from Dubois, 1762

III/P - 47 stops, electrical action
Dedication at 12th of June, 2016
press review : l'ami hebdo and DNA (Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace)

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Restorations 20-07-2009

Basilique Saint-Denys

Grand Orgue from Louis Suret (1867), modified by Danion-Gonzalez in 1971-73. Some older pieces remain from the XVIIth und XVIIIth century.

The instrument has III manuals 56 notes /Pedal 32 notes /43 stops.

Roland Galtier, governmental expert for organbuilding, supervises the works. He has defined the program of the works : Overhauling of the organcase, rebuilding of the key action. The electrical stop solenoids and motors will be renewed; a modern setter capture system will be installed.

The works has been finished in July 2009

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Restorations 16-05-2007
AY sur Moselle (F-5730)  

II/P 22 stops, electrical action, DALSTEIN HAERPFER organ from 1895
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Restorations 31-12-1990
BILWISHEIM (F-67170)  

I/P 11 stops, mechanical stop and key action, reconstruction of the MERCKEL-organ from 1758
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