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Restorations 22-09-1996
FEGERSHEIM (F-67640)  

II/P 25 stops, mechanical action, restauration of the WEGMANN/STIEHR organ from 1842
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Restorations 11-03-2008
FREIBURG Hochschule für Musik (D-79102)  

Small Mutin Cavaillé-Coll organ, from the series of Cavaillé-Coll's catalog around 1920.

Original stoplist

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Restorations 17-02-2016
GEISPOLSHEIM Gare (F 67118)  

Saint Therese church, Dalstein-Haerpfer Organ, 1908
Overhauling pneum. action Grand-orgue and Récit, II/P - 11 stops

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Restorations 02-12-1983
Gerardmer (F-88400)  

III/P, 51 stops (8 transm.), electro-pneumatic and mechanical action, 1983: restauration and reharmonisation of the Roethinger organ from 1959.


2009 : restoration of the electrical action.  New keyboard- and stop switches have been installed, with a new electronic system that allows to allocate each sound board (windchest in the organ) on every keyboard in the console desk. So one can i.e. have a baroque or a symphonic configuration of the 3 keyboards, in accordance with the choosen repertoire.
Tuning has been refined, and the voicing controlled.

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Restorations 31-12-1995

II/P 16 stops, mechanical cone-valve chest, Haerpfer-organ from 1870
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