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PIERREFEU F-83390 New organs

The unfinished organ installed by Yves Cabourdin between 2003 and 2006, in an architectural style from the first halft of the XIXth french century, with rounded towers.


The completion achieved by our workshop, has been carried out with old elements, collected and given by the "Association des Amis de l'orgue de Pierrefeu-du-Var", leaded by President Pierre Aumeran, and supported by the town council of Pierrefeu (Mayor Robert Giraud and Patrick Martinelli)



The organ was dedicated at 19th april 2009

Detailed information (composition, etc)
download the PDF sheet

The organ case
and the frontpipes.



(photo ©MC)


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The organ is placed in the main bay of the church, which counts two identical bays, side by side.

(photo ©JW)
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"Cor Anglais 16",
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sound sample
(Recital Michel Colin, December 2012) 


Polychromatic drawing from Pierre Sibieude, unfortunately, it could not be realized, because of the lack of financial help

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