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STRASBOURG Sainte Aurélie (F-67000) New organs

III/P 52 stops, mechanical stop and key action (electrical action for some stops in the pedal and B16' GO)
Historical overview:
1718: Andreas Silbermann II/P 17stops, 1766 completed to 20 stops by JA Silbermann, the case wase peinted white in 1790
1911: Pneumatisation by DALSTEIN-HAERPFER, installation of an récit expressif; II/P 33
1952: Reconstruction of an mechanical organ by Ernest Muhleisen, III/P 52
1986: Overhaul by Muhleisen
The instrument, with its disposition and voicing typical for the neo-klassical organ, should be restored carefully.

orgue Muhleisen-Silbermann Strasbourg Sainte Aurélie 

Detailed information (composition, etc)
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Case of the Great "Grand-orgue"

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Choir organ "Positif de dos"

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