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Keyboards – Consoles

The keyboards are fabricated entirely in our workshops. The preferred material being the mountain spruce, the keys are indented in divisions derived from the baroque tradition. They are veneered in ebony or in bone according to the style of the instrument. Inlay motifs are worked into the keyboard cheeks. The front-ends of the naturals can also be worked. The guidance of the keys follows the ancient traditions; a center shaft in an unlined mortice (no risk of wear).

Most of our consoles are recessed - suspended mechanics mandatory, but we can also produce other types, such as the inverted console for a choir organ or lateral consoles.


All the assembly for the levers, couplers and drawknobs are in wood cedar or oak; the nuts are of leather, the mechanical wires in tin-plated brass (to avoid oxidation due to the tannin in the leather) and the stickers are in pine.

The parallel pedals, flat or slightly curved, are of solid oak. In the baroque style organs the sharps are beak-cut at the ends.