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Key action

The rollerboard frames are of solid oak, the rollers and rollerboard arms in wood. The roller guards are glued in the frame and fitted with a hard leather insert broken in with graphite. The roller shafts are steel inox calibrated to within a 50th of a millimeter.

The trackers are in cedar, the hooks are tin-plated brass (to avoid oxidation), the ends of the trackers are reinforced with paper or parchment according to the style of the organ.

The square bars are solid wood, grooved and fitted with a single shaft graphitised for each series of squares.

The hooks are not closed until the assembly is in delivered to the site and after they have been fitted (with no play) into the borings. The absence of a covering renders the touch more instant and precise.

In the case of mechanics with a long travel, a self- regulating float system insures an unchanged tracking regardless of climatic conditions.

All of the mechanical pieces are fabricated in our workshops.

Once in place the greatest care is taken in the valve spring adjustment in order to produce an even and reassuring touch.