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The windchests

Our windchests are the traditional tone channel/slider chests. Frames, channel dividers, valve boxes, toe boards, false chests and slides are of solid oak. The frames are dovetailed together, the channel dividers glued into the frame grooves. The superior table is made up of an assembly of solid oak boards (first choice quality) separated by expansion joints.

The valves are cedar, glued to the table at the tails. The cedar is extremely light and agreeable to the touch, while remaining unaffected by climatic changes. The valves are covered by a double layer of first choice sheepskin and rest on oak fillets (flipots). The dimensions of the valves and tone channels are carefully optimised to obtain a regular and pleasant touch (plucking point). The surface not covered by the valve box is sealed with thick sheepskin.

The purses are made from kidskin running across a brass hook and fastened with willow. The valve springs are galvanized steel.

The air-tightness of the toe board/slide assembly (indispensable for a faultless tone sustain) is guaranteed by the use of several toe boards and canvas washers wrapped in short-pile felt (in order not to shed) of even thickness and slightly compressible (Liegelind).

The toe boards are held in place with special screws (extra-large heads and deep cut threads).