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Wooden pipes

The wooden pipes are made from first choice oak or clear spruce.

The interiors are coated with glue to guarantee air-tightness resistant to aging.

The « Kern » blocks are made with matched-grain boards.

For the stopped pipes the plugs are also made with matched-grain boards and are made airtight with fine felt and sheepskin. The handles are shaped by our own workshop. The inferior lips running with the grain are glued using a paper divider (not screwed). The greatest care is taken in the finishing of the languids and the windways, guaranteeing a natural and elegant attack.

The pipes are fastened in the organ with the help of wooden sliding channels, dovetailed to avoid the risk of vibration and permitting the optimum resonance transfer to the body.


Certain lingual stops are fitted with blocks and, sometimes, boots in wood (Régale, Posaune).