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Tin pipes

The metal pipes are fabricated in their entirety in our workshops; from the pouring of the alloy to the final finish according to the scale and alloys determined especially for the acoustic of the edifice and the style of the instrument.
The alloy is enriched with minute quantities of other metals to add to the mechanical resistance and physical stability of the pipe against aging. The metal of the reed pipe body and diapasons is poured to thickness, planed by hand and tapered towards the top.

The open pipes are cut to tone, and the stopped pipes soldered to tone (domed caps) in a manner that guarantees the quality and the keeping of the tone.

We also fabricate the mouldings and blocks for our reed pipes, which permits us, in historic reconstruction, to obtain perfect duplicates of the originals.

After washing, the pipes are never handled without gloves; guaranteeing a faultless final appearance.