VERSAILLES Notre-Dame F-78000


VERSAILLES Notre-Dame F-78000

The specifications retained by the City provide for a “minimal” cleaning of the instrument, whose magnificent case by Antoine Rivet built in 1687 for the Julien Tribuot organ now houses a 1869 Joseph Merklin instrument (with some remains of the Dallery organ), then electrified and enlarged by Gonzalez in 1948 following the requests of Gaston Litaize and Antoine Reboulot.

Following the fall in the nave of a façade pipe on 23 July 2017, during a service (!) the other pipes were secured and the project of repairs the organ was implemented. Technical advisor: Christian LUTZ

Technical specifications

Interior cleaning

Notes action : electrical. Installation of an Eltec system and refurbishment of the console.
Stops action : pneumatic (high pressure)

Overcovering of the old leather of the bellows

Complete restoration of the façade pipes and cleaning of the buffet’s varnish.

However, a slight recomposition of some Mixtures was accepted.

Quick voicing control and general tuning.

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II/P 10 stops, mechanical stop and key action

Restoration Rinckenbach Organ 1912, in an historic case from Dubois, 1762
III/P – 47 stops, electrical action
Dedication at 12th of June, 2016
press review : l’ami hebdo and DNA (Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace)



II / P -13 stops, mechanical action, one windchest for GO / POS

Grand Orgue from Louis Suret (1867), modified by Danion-Gonzalez in 1971-73. Some older pieces remain from the XVIIth und XVIIIth century.
Roland Galtier, governmental expert for organbuilding, supervises the works. He has defined the program of the works : Overhauling of the organcase, rebuilding of the key action. The electrical stop solenoids and motors will be renewed; a modern setter capture system will be installed.
The works has been finished in July 2009

III / P 56/32

43 Stops

Notes : mechanical – Stops : pneumatic (high pressure)

Combination action : Dièse info (Joël Pétrique)

II/P 22 stops, electrical action, DALSTEIN HAERPFER organ from 1895

III/P 35 stops, (43 stops at the console), mechanical action

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III / P – 50 Stops – Mechanical action (keys and stops) + Combination action.
With this work, the Muhleisen-team has won the national distinction “Best craftsmen of France” in teamworking.

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II/P – 25 stops, mechanical action



III/P 35 stops, mechanical action, organ case from 1828

II/P 23 stops, mechanical action