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II/P 21 stops, mechanical stop and key action, reconstruction of the STIEHR-organ from 1825

photo Eisenberg
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II/P 6 stops, mechanical stop and key action

Eglise SAINT MEDARD, organ from 1755 (unknown organbuilder)
Restauration in 1975-1977
partially overhauled in 2010
II/P – 27 jeux -tracker action
case and instrument protected as Monuments historiques.

The specifications retained by the City provide for a “minimal” cleaning of the instrument, whose magnificent case by Antoine Rivet built in 1687 for the Julien Tribuot organ now houses a 1869 Joseph Merklin instrument (with some remains of the Dallery organ), then electrified and enlarged by Gonzalez in 1948 following the requests of Gaston Litaize and Antoine Reboulot.

Following the fall in the nave of a façade pipe on 23 July 2017, during a service (!) the other pipes were secured and the project of repairs the organ was implemented. Technical advisor: Christian LUTZ

Interior cleaning

Notes action : electrical. Installation of an Eltec system and refurbishment of the console.
Stops action : pneumatic (high pressure)

Overcovering of the old leather of the bellows

Complete restoration of the façade pipes and cleaning of the buffet’s varnish.

However, a slight recomposition of some Mixtures was accepted.

Quick voicing control and general tuning.

Louis Vierne – Toccata // J.B Robin – Notre-Dame de Versailles

César Franck – Cantabile // J.B Robin – Notre-Dame de Versailles

II/P 35 stops, mechanical stop and key action, historical case from 1752

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Muhleisen 1978,
II/P/30 Reg. +Carillon, Clochettes, Rossignol, 2 tremblants
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II/P 24 stops, pneumatic stop and key action, Rinckenbach-organ from 1929

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II/P 19 stops, mechanical stop and key action