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II/P 10 stops, mechanical key and stop action; organbuilder: HAERPFER DALSTEIN 1908

VI/P 49 stops, mechanical key action, electro-pneumatic stop action History: Clicquot 1769, Dallery 1802, Cavaillé Coll 1861, Schwenkedel 1971, Muhleisen 1994 (incomplete restoration)

II/P 9 stops, mechanical stop and key action Masterpiece of Ernest Mühleisen – Opus 1 overhaul 1978 restauration 2005



The unfinished organ installed by Yves Cabourdin between 2003 and 2006, in an architectural style from the first halft of the XIXth french century, with rounded towers.
The completion achieved by our workshop, has been carried out with old elements, collected and given by the “Association des Amis de l’orgue de Pierrefeu-du-Var”, leaded by President Pierre Aumeran, and supported by the town council of Pierrefeu (Mayor Robert Giraud and Patrick Martinelli)
The organ was dedicated at 19th april 2009



III/P 43 stops, mechanical key and stop action + free combinations

Portable organ 3 to 5 Stops – 56 notes
Transpositor 415 – 440Hz
Option with extended separated Bass and treble 68 tones. This allows a wider accompaniment position in the Bass department.
Flight case in option.



II/P 26 stops, mechanical stop and key action



II/P 26 stops, elektro-pneumatical action, Roethinger-organ from 1961, re-voicing 1991

The project has been under discussion for more than 14 years and was able to proceed in late 2019 at the Eschau workshops.
Assembly and voicing completed by the end of 2020.

II / P

17 stops

Suspended mechanical action. Ebony and bone veneered keyboards

Mechanical stop action

Windchests in solid oak

Carving: Marc FROHN – Meilleur Ouvrier de France

Blessing Mass on 17.1.2021: testimony of a parishioner.

Video report made by the priest Pierre-Alain LEJEUNE during the assembly of the organ.

III/pull-down pedals, 29 stops (24 real), mechanical stop and key action
(photo AP)