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II/P 16 stops, mechanical action

III / P – 45 stops
mecanical stop and key action + adjustable combination system,
Le carillon :
the Setter :

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Restoration and modification of the organ of the Basilique Notre Dame de Thierenbach.
The present restoration created a chair-organ (Rückpositiv) in the balcony, and rebuilt the console desk.
The foundation voices (Principals, Diapason) and the mixtures of the Great and Positif have been rebuilt and voiced at new.
Reed stops : three stops have been modified.
The dedication has been celebrated the 9th Dec. 2012.
Picture of the organ, with Thierry Mechler and Patrick Armand

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II/P 7 stops, mechanical stop and key action

Reconstruction of an organ with III/P – 38 stops
in an historic case dated XVIIIth century
Mechanical keyaction
(Coppler to Récit pneumatic SMC cylinders)
stopaction : pneumatic SMC cylinders

Overhauling of the SAUER/Charles & Edgard WETZEL-Organ, 1892
pneumatic action II/P 12 stops
Dedication at May, 2016

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List of the restaurations and renovations from 1941-2015. Smaller works are not mentioned.

photo wikipedia
CC BY-SA 2.5,

III/P 34 stops, mechanical action

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II/P 14 stops, mechanical action
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