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Restoration of the organ Patroclus Möller in Marienmünster (1736/38)

3 manuals, 48 keys, Pedal 27 keys, 44 stops


80% original lead pipework


Reconstruction of the console, the key and stop actions, the windchest of the Positif and the wedge-bellows


Addition of an automatic winding mechanism

Photogallery Klosterkirche + organ

Organ friends’ association

Cultural foundation

II/P 21 stops, rekonstruktion of the Mühleisen-organ from 2001, which had been damaged by fire



Construction of a new organ (II/29) french classic style, in a case from the beginning of XVIIIth century, protected as “historical monument”.
1716 pipes
Organ was dedicated oct. 27th 2013.
Olivier Vernet played the dedication concert.

Muhleisen brought its part to the building of the Zaryadye Park Concert Hall in Moscow. A major project that is finally almost finished.

4 manuals with 61 notes, pedal with 32 notes, 82 stops, 2 consoles, 5872 pipes

Suspended mechanical key action (from the attached console)

Both consoles can be played simultaneously

Replay and MIDI modules

2 swell boxes (POSITIF and RECIT)

Large swell front enclosing the entire 2nd level (Positif – Solo – Chamades – Tuba)

Truly natural acoustics with 3 seconds of reverberation in a full house.

135 front pipes building a 22 meters wide facade.

Design totally integrated into the architecture of the hall thanks to a fruitful collaboration between the Moscow architectural firm “Reserve”, Patrick Armand and Christophe Armand.

The 2 rows of facade pipes and the curved lines of mouths echo the hills of the surrounding park.

Press report : anoncement of the organ inauguration

Video : Timur Khaliullin concert: inauguration 2020.02.29

Video : Lada Labzina internet concert: 2020.03.24

Video : Jean-Baptiste Robin concert: inauguration 2020.02.29

Video : Explanation of how section allocations work (Timur Khaliullin)

Overhauling – Schuke organ in Mülheim Petrikirche – IV/P / 61R
Photo : (2012)
copyright Tuxyso / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

II/P 16 stops, mechanical stop and key action

II/P 21 stops, mechanical action

III / P – 51 stops

See also this site:

III/P 39 stops, mechanical action, reconstruction of the SCHWENKEDEL organ from 1927, façade Walcker 1873.



II/P 15 stops (+4 tr.), mechanical action, reversed console
The organ is placed at the entrance of the chapel