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II/P 13 stops+ 4 tr., mechanical stop and key action



Eglise réformée – II/P,33 jeux
Construit en 1977-1978
Composition Dösseger
Harmonisation André Schaerer

Katsuyama Co, Shozankan, SENDAI
II/P 7 stops, mechanical stop and key action



II/P 28 stops, electro-pneumatical action
Organ from Haerpfer 1926- A.Kern 1959
Muhleisen 2003: restauration and voicing by Jean-Christophe Debely

“Conservatoire National de Région de Strasbourg” – III/26

design : Henri GAUDIN – Paris,
dedicated 19 may, 2006

Detailled pictures:

III/P, 55 stops, electro-pneumatical action, built in 1909 by DALSTEIN-HAERPFER; 1958: electrification by Ernest MUHLEISEN; 1981, 1990: restauration of some parts by MUHLEISEN

Roethinger 1916 – Mühleisen 1955
2014 : Overhauling of electrical action, Hauptwerk and Pedalstops cleaning

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III/P 52 stops, mechanical stop and key action (electrical action for some stops in the pedal and B16′ GO)
Historical overview:
1718: Andreas Silbermann II/P 17stops, 1766 completed to 20 stops by JA Silbermann, the case wase peinted white in 1790
1911: Pneumatisation by DALSTEIN-HAERPFER, installation of an récit expressif; II/P 33
1952: Reconstruction of an mechanical organ by Ernest Muhleisen, III/P 52
1986: Overhaul by Muhleisen
The instrument, with its disposition and voicing typical for the neo-klassical organ, should be restored carefully.

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IV/P 49 stops, electropneumatical action, ROETHINGER-organ from 1960

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