Voicing and Tuning


 Sound Palettes

Sound Palettes

Extensive experience in a variety of styles

Our voicer calculates the scales for each instrument individually. This complex work, which requires experience and a good knowledge of organ styles, is carried out after a site visit, in order to determine, within the limits of the desired style, the scales appropriate to the size and acoustics of the building. The scaling work takes the experience of our workshop as well as that of other organ builders into account. All scales are submitted to the client for approval.

A pre-voicing is carried out in the workshop (test notes, cutting up, blowing and rough tuning). For reed stops pre-voicing is undertaken on the voicing machine.

The exceptional quality of our voicing has been noted by many renowned organists.

The voicing on site is executed with particular attention to detail, in order to ensure each pipe speaks promptly and with the same attack and character as all the other pipes in the stop. The voicer endows each stop with its own personality and balance, making it suitable for solo use.

The search for foundation and clarity engenders the harmonious and luminous mixing of all possible combinations of stops. The plein-jeu is vertical and sparkling, without being aggressive.

The voicing of the reeds is undertaken with particular care, searching for a good foundation and an optimal tongue curve; the resonators being as long as possible. This makes the tuning stability of these stops particularly impressive.

The temperament is laid with great care on a Principal stop of each manual. We offer a variety of temperaments, with more or less character, depending on the style of the instrument and the repertoire we anticipate being played. Sound examples or visits to different instruments can be a guide in the final choice of temperament.

The exceptional quality of our voicing is attested by many renowned organists.

Discover the history of Muhleisen since its beginnings. History


Discover the history of Muhleisen since its beginnings.